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Where do I find a suitable location? Where am I allowed to film and how do I obtain permission to film? Where do I find additional skilled personnel or interns? Where can I find accomodations for my production staff? For all of these questions and anything else that has to do with film making the film commission freiburg schwarzwald is whom you should contact. The office advices domestic and foreign productions from their inception to their realization. And of course we're more than happy to find accommodations for your team as well as help in locating production offices.

Before letting the cameras roll: Ask us! We can lend a helping hand.

Location Guide

You can get an overview of the various locations of the region in our database with potential film motifs, which is constantly expanded and updated.

Production Guide

Location scouting, script, direction, camera, lighting, editing or post-production services - the Production Guide provides you with addresses and contacts of industry professionals and service providers for your projects.

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